Why attend the Platinum Pias Awards on Monday,

March 21 at 6:30pm at DCTV at 87 Layfayette in

Manhattan? Two good reasons for starters: (1)

attending the awards is free and (2) there's food!

Beyond that, "Celebify" Magazine says "- The

Platinum Pia Awards is the most important award a

New Yorker can win if he or she is an artist,

entrepreneur, student or someone who wants to make

a difference in the world." Why? Maybe because the

Platinum Pia celebrates creativity, innovation and

those making a difference in their communities.

Also, it attracts top notch talent, movers and

shakers as well as "just plain folks" so it's an

easy way to mingle with those who make a

difference in New York City without having to

pretend you have a press pass. And if that's not

enough, the whole thing is filmed and you get to

"step into the movie" which is then shown online

in segments in conjunction with the official

Platinum Pias newsletter NYC Make a Difference

(nycmakeadifference.com). Plus, to RSVP is simple

if you are a newsletter subscriber, all you have

to do is hit "return" to an email and state who

you are, why you want to attend and who you're

bringing. So go ahead, hit "return" and we'll see

you in "the movie."





Oh, and a special note. There's a rumor that Mog, the lead singer of the band "Mog and his Bitchen Hoods" will be in attendance. Will you be able to pick him out?

Mog and His Bitchen Hoods
Voted Best Band of the Eighties.
Why time after time, contest after contest, do the Hoods
come out on top?




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