How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps

How to Celebify Yourself
If you are very shy and yet still want to Celebify yourself, don’t worry about the pressure of walking the Red Carpet. The Celebify Methods disclosed in this blog entry make the Red Carpet optional. And you can even do the whole ” becoming renowned as well regularly receiving approbation” thing part time while working from home.

Fun Times on Your Way to the Top

If you’re an ArtisticPreneur and in the market to become famous, you might find this blog entry interesting. As usual, we warn you that you becoming well known is something that you do at your own risk. We’re not responsible if you make the big time and then have the revelation that your life before endless kudos was much more simple and enjoyable etc. etc.

But given all that, we here at decided to open ourselves up to others to figure out the most effective way to get to get the paparazzi to stalk you, the ArtisticPreneur, and make your life miserable (as per the paparazzi’s job description). Our concept, given the name of this post, was to show you how to celebify yourself in just a few easy steps.

Do WikiHow Sub Steps Count as Steps?

One of the first systems to get your ArtisticPreneur image onto a cereal box (and all that goes with it) was from our friends at WikiHow. Although their visibility increasing technique was ultimately 12 steps in all (which is pretty long), to simplify the ascent process for the average person to “make it” (quickly and without losing too much sleep), was to break the steps down into substeps.

And these substeps are only a few steps in length. With the WikiHow Method there are three distinct phases to a life where you’d better always be dressed well, plus be in makeup, because someone could snap a picture of you looking disheveled and end up on the front page of a magazine.

Here are the three overall steps of the WikiHow methodology First you become famous. Second you maintain your fame. And finally third you use your fame for the good of the world.

Needless to say you can do good things for the world without being a celebrity, but if you’re like a lot of people you might enjoy having the cameras on you as you “selflessly” give of yourself. It’s really up to you.

Below is a paragraph from the WikiHow article that we found to be a little off putting. They actually use the following phrase in regards gaining a life under the spotlight: “It won’t happen overnight.” What the heck? It won’t happen overnight?! Really? We don’t know about you but as ArtisticPreneurs ourselves we find that very demotivating, especially if you want adoration from the public in a heartbeat. Here’s the paragraph:

“These days, it is a lot easier to become a celebrity. Social media makes it easier and faster to connect with large groups of people. Getting to celebrity status, however, takes time and commitment. It won’t happen overnight, but there are few ways to make it more likely to happen.”

Can Quora in a Flash Get You the Limelight You Deserve?!

We’re kind of bummed by the notion that receiving acclaim might not be lickety split. Therefore we headed over to Quora. You know Quora. It’s the site for which “expert” ArtisticPreneurs answer questions. Someone had posted the inquiry: “How does one become a celebrity?”

The first answer to the question of how to climb your way to the top was:

“You gotta have very monies for this one.”

We gotta have “very monies?” That’s a downer. We don’t want to spend our “very monies” to attain stardom.

Okay so that wasn’t satisfactory. Let’s move onto the next Quora answer. Oops, just looked at it and didn’t approve of it. It was 8 steps long and sounded awfully complicated. No quick fix as an ArtisticPreneur to getting your laurels here. Therefore we’re just going to put up the first 3 steps so that you’ll get the basic idea:

1. Increase your network. Make as many friends as possible, use social media, throw parties, join a club etc.

2. On a prearranged  day, ask them to gather at one point (try to reach 1000+ numbers) and march through the streets of your city with an agenda (legalize marijuana as example). Grab some media attention by using some harsh words against anything or anyone (it does not matter).

3. Once you have a little attention from local people go for a second rally this time a little bigger (3000+ people).

Uh, what?! First it’s “very monies” and then it’s rallies?! As ArtisticPreneurs ourselves, we’re looking for instant elevation here people. None of this rigmarole.

Is “Skinny Artist” Coming to the Rescue with a Technique to Effortlessly Gain Prominence?

Oooh. Me likey. Me likey. Me just saw what has to offer. It’s called “The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming Famous with Minimal Effort.” And it’s only three steps long! We can handle that. We’re only going to give you the first two steps here so if you want to read the whole thing you’ll have to go to the Skinny Artist website.

Here are the first two of three steps:

The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming Famous with Minimal Effort

Step 1.) Do something incredibly stupid and obnoxious to attract attention to yourself

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box here. This can be in the form of a video, stunt, hoax, or just good old-fashioned vandalism. Keep in mind that as a culture we have become somewhat desensitized to people doing stupid things from years of watching people do stupid things, so try to think big.

Step 2.) Be sure to record your act of stupidity and publish it on YouTube.

Remember that recording and documenting your act of idiocy is not optional here. These days if you don’t capture something on video, you might as well go back to live in your primitive cave of obscurity.

Okay, so those are the first two steps to garnering your much desired eminence as an ArtisticPreneur!

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve found for you, your easy peasy Skinny Artist path to glory and exaltation in less than four steps, we could end here and say that we’ve kept our promise to live up to the name of this blog entry which is: “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps.”

But we know better than that. There will inevitably be some of you who are not going to be comfortable with the antics necessary to pull off the Skinny Artist’s plan for immortality. We also anticipate that certain members of our Celebify audience will be worried that the Skinny Artist approach may make you the “wrong kind of popular.” You might just become prominent for being notorious, rather than becoming illustrious with majesty.

But ladies and gentlemen, that is a discussion for another time where instead of having the title of “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps” we might call the new pursuit something along the lines of “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps and Still Be on the Radar for an Oscar or at least a Platinum PIA!”

Sayonara and best wishes for getting your recognition!

Yianni Stamas Explores “To Celebify or Not to Celebify?” that is the Question.


Frankie and Annette Celebify Themselves
Frankie and Annette Celebify Themselves

Whether or not you “celebify yourself” can be an important question to answer. It can mean the difference between you getting new customers or not getting new customers. And if you DO choose to celebify, the manner in which you do so may need to tread a fine line.

Celebify Yourself with a Blog

That’s part of the reason why we created the website It’s a site that has been around for several years but only recently became a blog. In fact, speaking of blogs, having your own blog can be a great way to celebify yourself, that is if you want to celebify yourself.

HTML Becomes WordPress

Case in point we recently migrated our alliance of 27 html websites to WordPress Blogs featuring guest bloggers and interviewees on topics such as how to get new customers. We are also providers of web designing, digital marketing and blogging services. So it’s safe to say we err on the side of “to celebify.”

Can You Be Too Self Promotional?

What are the reasons “to NOT celebify?” Some reasons are given in the “About” section of You see, not everyone agrees that to celebify is a good thing. There are those who look down on it. In other words they dislike the proverbial “being too self promotional.”

The Secret to How You Celebify

But the good news is that there is a secret to how you celebify, if you choose to celebify. As can be seen with the powers that be, it seems that the best way to celebify yourself is to make it clear that there is something in it for the audience that is beholden to your choice to celebify.

The Importance of Providing a Solution

If you must celebify then explain to your target demographic how you are providing a solution for them. It could be that you are offering them an entertaining experience (such as a movie to save them from boredom) or even a business problem solved – such as showing them how to get more customers.

Is Success Relative?

How nice it would be to just be accepted for who you are with every human being finding acceptance in this way. Unfortunately the expression “if you don’t tell them, they don’t know” holds true much of the time as a tool for “success,” with success being a relative concept.

How to Celebify to Maintain Your Fame

That’s why many celebrities are quick to celebify themselves every chance they get. They have to continually inform the masses that they are celebrities and reassert this status based on their latest project. In America we live in a celebrity obsessed culture. And many citizens now even mimic celebrities and regularly celebify themselves with selfies on social media. This topic is deconstructed in more detail in the “About” section of

One of the Downsides of Being Well Known

Interestingly enough, on the flip side some people are actually less interested in folks who celebify themselves. There are those who make it a big point to look down on individuals who celebify their lives. Though, the irony sometimes with those who decide to celebify themselves to the extreme is that these very same people who couldn’t seem to get enough fame, then lament that they can’t live their life without the press bothering them.

To Celebify or Not to Celebify?

It would be great if we all could just be nice to each other regardless of whether we are “pro celebify” or “con celebify.” In the final analysis the team of believes that it is critical to realize that you have a choice. And yes, if you choose to celebify yourself it does come with certain headaches. But to NOT celebify has its issues too. In the end it’s really up to you in terms of what you gain or lose if you do/don’t celebify. So, will you celebify?

Celebify Your Business

Crowdfunding Can Be a Way to Celebify Your Life and Business
Crowdfunding Can Be a Way to Celebify Your Life and Business

A question we get asked sometimes is “Can I celebify my business without having to celebify my life?” Yes. This is possible. But as the amount of online businesses skyrocket it is getting harder and harder to not “put a face” to the business. The logic is that if you put yourself out there as the representative of your business people are more apt to trust becoming a customer. People trust people. But wonder if you don’t want to celebify your life? One option is to get a mascot or spokesperson for your product or service. This takes the emphasis off of you. How about if you are a  person who has a business and wants to celebify both your business and yourself? Welcome, you are right on time.