About Celebify Your Life if You Dare

The Ability to Celebify has a Long History
The Ability to Celebify has a Long History

What do we mean by¬† “Celebify your life if you dare?” We want to get across that when you celebify yourself you are doing so at your own risk. Why? Because if you celebify your life enough and on an ongoing basis you literally might become an actual celebrity. And being famous has its pitfalls. For example, if you are not a really grounded person you could end up going down the negative paths that those who do not have a strong sense of self potentially travel to their doom. I’ve seen up close and personal a handful of people go from being total unknowns to becoming public figures. And these folks did indeed consciously celebify themselves. How do you celebify yourself? Do you start with selfies then move on to having a popular YouTube channel, and finally when you grow a big enough audience, get your own TV series? It could happen this way but clearly not everyone who does selfies and has a YouTube channel achieves fame.

The characteristic that I’ve seen shared among those who who gain visibility as performers are knowing what you want and who can help you get it. These individuals also have the self confidence and vision in terms of their desires, to impress gatekeepers on an ongoing basis. They are politically savvy and don’t take “no” for an answer. But at the same time they play well with others and are self aware when it comes to ascending level to level, often carefully discarding those along the way who can no longer help them.

But again, exercise extremely caution if you decide to celebify your life. You do not want to become another statistic on the downward spiral that can sometimes be the reality for those who choose to be in the limelight.

That said, this site focuses on little things you can do that can lead up to you becoming…?!