Celebify Your Business

As a Startup Introvert, what Happens if You Do Not Celebify Yourself, will it Still be Possible to Create an Audience? Don’t People Need a Face to Build Trust?

Will it Bust Your Savings?

If you are a Startup Introvert than you understand how confusing it can be regarding whether or not to be the face of your business. Many introverts prefer to be anonymous. They do not want to be in the public eye like extraverts frequently do. But at the same time, they know that branding is critical to success, yet they do not have the budget to afford a spokesperson. So, what does one do?

Comic Drawings to the Rescue?

If you are a Startup Introvert wondering about how visible you will have to be is the kind of stuff that keeps you up at night. Well, we have a solution. While you are still in the early phases of your entrepreneurial journey, you could adopt a stage name. If it fits your industry and subcategory, comedy might even be appropriate. You could become a wacky character only seen in cartoons.

Attention All Startup Introverts

But this does now always work and doing so can be expensive. If you are a Startup Introvert, then please let us know if you have a solution to this Startup Introvert issue!