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As we have discussed earlier, it is all about bringing value to the world. But value is in the eyes of the beholder. Value for one is not value for another. Be sure you are laser focused on bringing value to those who are helping you build your wealth. This can be anyone from customers, to partners and beyond.

Learn How to Do It

Knowing how to bring value to the table is possibly the most important part of becoming a billionaire. If those you interact with feel you bring value to the table they will continue to work with you. If they do not, they may shun you in the future. Clearly this means keeping attention on the relationships you have with collaborators.

Tight with Right

Who do you work with to keep moving forward financially? Focus on those who are most likely TODAY to helping you with growth TODAY. This does not mean you forget the people who help you along the way, it is just that a part of your laser focus needs to be about being tight with the right people.

Focus Now

There is only so much time in a day and you want what you do to be rewarding both spiritually and financially. The two can be very interconnected. Having been around many very successful people, I can attest to the fact that what all of them seem to have is a focus on NOW.

Be Aware of Your Enemies

But don’t create enemies. That is the last thing that you are going to want to do. Enemies do not help, yet they come with the territory. You may get an enemy simply because they do not like you. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.

A Unique Way to Celebify Your Home Business from Home Business Achievers

For starters, Celebify is always interested in new marketing strategies which is why when Blog Coalition contacted us about the Home Business Achievers we took notice.

You see, Home Business Achievers is taking over the daily promotion posts that Blog Coalition used to do. Blog Coalition will still be doing monthly updates but if you have become hooked (as we have) on the insider magic of Blog Coalition you are definitely going to want to check out Home Business Achievers.

The Home Business Achievers organization quite kindly gave us some preview content on a special strategy to build visibility for your home business. You see, home businesses, due to the Pandemic, are increasing in numbers because of there being more time spent in one’s home. Don’t miss this unique way to celebify your home business. Here is the piece from Home Business Achievers:

It is important also to mention that if you are promoting a brick and mortar business either your own, or are helping a business with your marketing, location is particularly important. In other words, you want to gear your marketing to that location including name of town or city, zip code and so forth. You can of course get this information online and again think about who you are trying to connect with. You video and all marketing items must focus on city/town and why you, or who you are helping, is the best solution provider. This works great for home businesses as well!

If you decide that you want your video on popular video sites, it is also key to include all the information of your video in written form in conjunction with the video you are putting online. This in some cases will help to send prospects to that video.

Again, SEO is possible but, in many cases, paid ads are better because you can literally have your ad/video come up for the exact keyword phrase you came up with. Put yourself in their perspective. Here they are searching for a phrase to solve their problem and their phrase leads them to your video, possibly on your own website.

This brings up a strategy that you can use if you are handy with building websites or even are not and can delegate. This website will have as its domain name the exact phrase that the person is looking for. Think of how happy they will be to find not only their phrase in written form, but to have a site to go to that is the phrase they are searching for.

But you need to make sure that phrase is popular and is possibly even a trend. Some search engines offer the ability to track trends. Now put in a little effort or someone to do it for you. You want to both find a phrase that will bring in your future customers or clients but that are also available as a domain name.

If you are doing this research yourself, you can go back and forth between trend pages with popular trends and testing on a domain site whether that phrase is available as a domain name. This takes some practice but is well worth the effort because the more you can show your prospect that you are perfect for them with website, video, and phrase, the better.

A New eBook on Marketing Your Website

Release to the Public in October

Marketing a website is an area we are always interested in, since we are “Celebify” and becoming well known is a form of marketing. Although as of this blog entry the product has not been released yet, we were fortunate in getting a copy pre-launch, the launch itself being sometime in early October as we understand it.

Celebify Your Business or Even Yourself

The eBook is called Create Profitable Marketing. Sure, the title is a little hokey, But we decided to give it a chance anyway. We were happily surprised. The book did have value. Create Profitable Marketing is like having a handbook with which to Celebify your business or even yourself.

Includes Things that You Don’t Know that You Don’t Know

We say “Handbook” because it lays out in detail the components you’ll need to successfully market yourself or your business. Although it seems to have been formatted to read from start to finish in a linear straight line, we found it useful as a book you can flip through pages and find out things that you don’t know, or even that you don’t know that you don’t know!

Why Celebify Yourself?

Seeking Love

For different people there are different reasons. Why celebify yourself? For many being famous is an obsession. In my younger years I was caught up in that mania. You see, for me, being well known translated into being accepted. Even being loved.

Becoming Evolved

I came out of a home situation growing up being told again and again that my performance instincts were not valid. I was told that it was a pathetic to attempt to become successful because this just meant you were not evolved enough.

Stopping the Negative Programming

When I moved to Hollyweird, presumably to become an icon, I tried to shut out the negativity in my brain telling me over and over again that I was useless. That I should accept my fate which was to be a pathetic loser. And that is why I went on the path to celebify myself. I wanted to make the negative programing stop.

Being Saved

And at one point in Hollyweird I got some street cred and had a lot of people very impressed by me and what looked to be my bright an exciting future. Little did they realize, I was homeless and sleeping in a carport shed. Wanting to celebify myself, is what turned out to save me in the end.

How do You Stay Relevant?

What is popular today, may not be tomorrow.

What Now?

Okay, so you’ve worked hard to position yourself in your market. You have practically the highest visibility in the industry possible. Congratulations. But now the question is:

“How are you going to stay relevant?”

That’s the big question. You may be on the top today, but what about tomorrow? How do some people do it? They seem to be on the top of their game the whole way through? What do they know that we do not?

What is Their Secret?

One thing for certain is that they are motivated. They also have energy. Plus they have their finger on the pulse by always rejecting those around them who are not with times and therefore cannot help them. They affix themselves to whomever is considered “plugged in.” Their socialization is with the powerbrokers and the flavor of the month. When the flavor is up, they ditch them and move on to the next.

How to Celebify Yourself

Celebifying yourself is not about putting on a costume.

If you truly want to celebify yourself and become famous, here is a tidbit from Mr. Disney that could help:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

In short, as we have discussed before on these pages, it really comes down to how motivated you are. Are you someone who does less talk and a lot more action? Even being this is no guarantee that you will make any headway with the pursuit of your dreams.

It’s Not Enough

Becoming famous does not just mean you want to be an actor. You could want to be a politician or a chef and so on. For all of these multiple categories of celebifying yourself, again and again it comes down to how badly you want it. Just following the path of getting training, going on auditions (and the related) is not enough.

“No” is Not an Option

Quite frankly, talent can have not much meaning when it comes to successfully celebifying yourself. Think of all the celebrities who don’t seem to have much going for them other than the fact that they are well known. These individuals are very driven and will NOT take “no” for an answer no matter what circumstance.

Throw it Out of the Window

All decorum is thrown out of the window in many cases. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to schmooze, but just being polite is not going to get you anywhere.

Change Your Approach Based on Results

And you need to have a strategy. But if that strategy is not bearing you results then CHANGE IT UP. Don’t get caught in the web of thinking that by using the same methodology again and again, you are going to get a different results. Organizations like DIYdigi can give you a “Do It Yourself Digital” path to take. But building a better web presence is not enough. In the end, listen to Walt.

Hollywood and the Coronavirus

Peaceful Protesting

Hollywood has already forgotten the Coronavirus and its power to Celebify and has moved on to the looting/protests going on while making sure to make the distinction between those looting and those peacefully protesting.

Reaching the Everyday Person

It’s a gig that Hollywood has taken upon itself ever since Hollywood was Hollywood. Although the official date of Hollywood being established was 1853, the Hollywood sign was not erected until 1923. A strategy that LaLa land has utilized since then has been to pair the so-called excitement of being a star, in conjunction with the empathizing of issues of everyday people.

Empathize and Promote

And in keeping with this tradition, COVID-19 is being traded in for the demonstrations all across America. Stars are coming forward with their “deep feelings” and approval of those peacefully demonstrating to ensure their TV shows are watched and their movies are seen, plus don’t forget Netflix!

The New Celebify Influencers

The Allure of Fame

It’s a whole new world out there. The rules have changed. Now just about anyone can become famous via YouTube by merely being consistent  in their updating, creating at least one new video per day. But what does someone do once they are well known?

Role Model?

If you become YouTube famous this means that you are a new Celebify Influencer and with this comes certain responsibilities. You should aspire to be a role model. America needs more role models and you can be it. We live in a country that often times becomes a bit out of control.

Be Careful

What if you don’t want to be a role model? What if your schtick is being a “disrupter?” Well then, good luck to you. You won’t be protected for long. Soon the USA will tire of your approach and the next disrupter will appear to take your place leaving you destitute and unhappy. And if you don’t oft yourself which might give you some street cred, you’ll just become sadly not relevant. You see, being a new Celebify influencer can only last a certain amount of time. So be careful if your thing is to be a new Celebify influencer.

Are You Built for Fame?


Are you someone who is able to navigate through the doors and opportunities offered. As we explored last time, not everyone is made for this. You need a very thick skin and razor focus, so that if a step does not go well for you, you can always pick yourself up and keep on truckin’.

Your Greatest Motivation

Do you want it bad enough? If the desire to Celebify yourself is greater than any other impulses you may have, then you are someone who has a shot at it. But are you socially adept? This can be very important.

Never Doubting it for a Moment

The final component you need is a clear view of your path and total confidence. You need to believe that it is your birthright and is only a matter of time before fame is yours.

John Yianni Stamas Asks “What Would YOU Do Under the Spotlight?”

The Dream
Many dream of it. Few achieve it. We’re talking about celebrity: the ability to celebify yourself. We’re in a strange time due to coronavirus and it has greatly impacted in a negative way the entertainment industry.

The Dream Machines have Shut Down
Films and television creators have shut down their operations. Several others from related categories have closed their doors also. So how is one able to open the door? Some pass through the gateway using agencies like “USA How To” to get where they want to go. Others just wait. It’s action versus inaction.

The Roadblock
The big roadblock that exists is the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Websites are sprouting up all over the place, like Coronavirus After that is a brand new blog. Or even Manhattan Coronavirus that is a part of the Blog Coalition of over 47 websites/blogs that are unified in wanting to make a difference. Do you still want to celebify yourself?