John Yianni Stamas’ Kaleidoscopic Bio

On the blog, the word “Kaleidoscopic” was used to describe John Yianni Stamas’ long and varied arts and entertainment career. For whatever reason, this ruffled some feathers at Get’s side of the story below.

A Controversial Word is Used

The word we used to describe John Yianni Stamas’ eclectic career as an ArtisticPreneur was “Kaleidoscopic.” You can see Stamas’ bio here at that includes a mention of the incident of us using the term Kaleidoscopic.¬† As of the time of us writing of this blog entry,¬† is a website that is still very much in its infancy with very little content there yet. Maybe why reacted so negatively to the use of the term Kaleidoscopic. Perhaps they want us to wait until the site is full built for us to give our feedback. Shoots Back let us know on no uncertain terms that what we wrote in the now deleted posted in which we described John’s career being called Kaleidoscopic, was not a good move from their point of view.

A Debate Launches

An unexpected debate was launched with participants including ArtisticPreneur collective members and even some of the fans. It was generally agreed upon by both groups that because J.Y.S.’s bio was nearly 2,000 words long that an apt description would be that John’s career was “Extensive.”

Virtually no one seemed to think that calling it Kaleidoscopic made any sense at all. Sorry guys if we offended anyone, it’s just that we thought that Kaleidoscopic¬† was a word that could be interchangeable with “Multifacted.” And we think that most would agree that John’s background is multifaceted.