Give Back

celebify and help people in need

A Worthy Objective

Greetings. Stage names like “Mr. Celebify,” or even “Marketer Magician” are from the world of make believe. But even from fairy tales we can learn how to keep the magic alive in order to make a difference for our fellow Americans.

Many More American Americans Need Help Today

We’ve all seen it on the news. The way that COVID in all its variants has destroyed businesses completely as well as injured other businesses that are hanging on by a string. Unfortunately, much of this is because one’s relationship with the digital domain. Meaning some businesses are doing better than ever, and this tends to be true of those that use the digital world.

Who is Doing Well in this Economy?

Digitally based businesses actually do their transactions online, with a product that only exists on the web! This is true of all the videos streaming providers, usually in entertainment, we see that are doing amazingly well.

Digital is Magic

Why are the online video streaming businesses doing so well? Needless to say, this is the case because these companies can have customers that are not only not “in-person” but can connect with customers anywhere in the world as long as the customer has access to the web.

“Cause Marketing” at the Website Called “Marketer Magician”

On the website called Marketer Magician we can see an interesting to on how to promote your business harnessing “digital” while having a positive impact on Americans at the same time. Our hope is to spread the word of the magic of digital so everyone can Celebify themselves and not only do well themselves because of the magic of digital, but also help others! At Marketer Magician, this is described as the win-win concept of “Cause Marketing.” More to come from the Blog Coalition and USA Make a Difference.