ArtisticPreneur Answers the Question: What is an ArtisticPreneur and How Does it make a Difference in both Your Community and YOUR Career or Business?

Are you an artist of any kind or a creative business owner? Do your goals sometimes seem unreachable or “Sky High?” Have you considered joining the ArtisticPreneurs Club? If so you will likely be interested in reading this blog post in which we interview an aspiring ArtisticPreneur.

The Talk of the Town (Online that is)

Here’s a statement we found online regarding the collective of artists known as ArtisticPreneurs:

“ is a collective of artists and creative business owners who impact their communities in positive ways. A lot of folks just like you are discovering the ArtisticPreneur website and are deciding to become members of the ArtisticPreneurs Club due to the resulting benefits to you which include you having more confidence to pursue your ARTISTIC and entrePRENEUR goals (hence ARTISTICPRENEUR) that you used to only dream of but now are doing so due to you having access to free or low cost positive community building tools which simultaneously assist you in making a difference in your community both locally and around the world.”

Seeking the Trainers but Having to Make Due with a Student

So we went to the ArtisticPreneur pros located at, where else, We didn’t hear back from them soon enough for this post’s deadline therefore we had to improvise a little bit and contacted a friend of whose name has been withheld by this person’s request. When we asked this person why they wanted to withhold their name, they said because the folks at might get angry at them for revealing trade secrets.

State of Being: ArtisticPreneur

The desire for secrecy of course only increased our curiousity in regards to the top secret transformational process of going from being an artist of any kind or a small business owner to becoming a full fledged ArtisticPreneur. From this point on we will refer to our interviewee as “Sam,” because that can be either a woman or man’s name. We asked Sam to describe what being an ArtisticPreneur means exactly.

Sam answered with:

“A quick definition of “ArtisticPreneur” is that it can be a lot like you, that is if you’re the kind person who combines your ARTISTIC side with your entrePRENUR side hence you are an ARTISTICPRENEUR.”

The Top 10?

Is that all there is to it we wondered. Sam said no, of course not, there are many aspects to being an ArtisticPreneur including learning how to work the 10 Digital Marketing Tools. Oh no we said, you can stop right there. So this is going to be some kind of sales pitch for acquiring from some kind of Digital Marketing kit? But Sam, in a very serious fashion, gave us the head turning back and forth meaning “No.”

You Have a Choice

Sam went on to explain that one always had the option to have their digital tools custom made by ArtisticPreneur but it was by no means the aim of their program. Sam told us that actually encouraged members to make their own set of Digital Marketing Tools because therefore they would be able to do all the monthly updates themselves such as adding content to their websites.

Is it a Cult?

The main thing we got out of Sam which only intrigued us more was the it wasn’t about the Digital Marketing Tools but rather what you did with them and your psychological state of mind. You had to rid yourself of self doubt or at least get it somewhat under control. Again we took a step back asking if this was like one of these cults disguised as a self help process where ultimately what they were trying to do was to get you to constantly purchase upgrades to become “all seeing” or something?

Meeting Your Expectations

At this point Sam laughed and gave us an example of something that had worked for her/him. Sam told us that the way ArtisticPreneurship works is that you do monthly campaigns. Each campaign has a goal. The way you measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign is by how closely it meets expectations.

Sam Talks About Goal Setting

“But of course…” Sam told us “You have to be careful with your goal seeking and set goals that are actually attainable. In other words you don’t have to knock yourself out. Because the beauty of it is that a series of small goals piling up on each other each and every month can result in a big win.”

Sam’s Big Win

Sam’s most recent big win was starting to get sales of her/his digital media download products. Sam told us that at first no one was biting. Therefore Sam figured out that the description of the product was probably not focused enough for her/his audience. Therefore Sam put herself/himself into the head of the customer, client and fan exploring what her/his her problem was and how Sam’s product might solve it. Sam said that the exercise lead to making sales online.

The Deadline Cut Things Short

Unfortunately we had to cut things short with Sam because our blog posting deadline was going to occur in less than 10 minutes, so we did our best to spell check and uploaded the post that you’re reading right now. We thanked Sam and she/he walked off into the distance. What had we learned from the mysterious Sam? That maybe was on to something. Something that we all know to be true but rarely practice it. Something that getting on the track to becoming an ArtisticPreneur can help guide you with: a series of little wins can result in a big win!