Celebify Yourself with Tech and remain in control of your career

Old Hollywood Funded the Star Making Machine

In old Hollywood an industry unto its own was the nurturing and expanding of one’s fan base. The movie studios of lore would spend a lot to ensure their top stars were ever generating new fans, cultivated with strategies that necessitated big spending including hiring publicists, photographers, fan club coordinators and much more.

Out of Reach of Young Hopefuls in an Earlier Time

In short, keeping the celebrity machine working required the kind of funding that was out of the reach of young hopefuls flocking to Los Angeles with high hopes of ending up on the silver screens.

The Price of Fame Even Just Decades Ago Broke the Bank

Even as recently as 1992, due to there being no “World Wide Web,” it was still not possible for a “wannabe” to be able to take on the step by step “Celebify” process themselves. That is because at that time communication technologies were still just too costly. But then, somewhere between 1993 and 1994, the internet started to become accessible to the public. Though, it wasn’t until 1995 that commercial restrictions were removed and making a website was somewhat within reach.

Flashing Back to the Early Years of Being Online

I remember those 1990’s days of “WWW” quite well. I heard about this new World Wide Web thing and had a friend who was quite technically savvy and able to get me a URL that was stored within another site. Therefore, my web page was only accessible to others by entering a very long string of obscure words and letters to reach our page. I was very grateful and excited and started to update the page on a regular basis, promoting my “reality show” before there was such a thing as a “reality show.” Updating our page could be very stressful because it was done by the old-fashioned dialup modem approach that took a lot of time and was not dependable. But we were among the first to be promoting the old medium of television using the new medium of the web.

Breaking into “Show Biz” on Your Own

Fast forward to today. Many of the same expenses exist for maintaining stardom, but with a big difference in terms of overall initial access. You can now cultivate your notoriety on your own. What has happened is that due to tech and the “computer age,” if a young hopeful has the drive, stamina and focus, that person can guide and control their career. To do so, an individual needs to remain diligent at boosting their online presence. And once your number of followers is high enough, you have a shot at actually winning the star creation game.

The New Pathway

The new pathway to celebrity status is of course the internet. It is literally as simple as doing a video a day for that well known big tech video streaming leader, while simultaneously making certain to continue to stay on top of other evolving technologies.

Things Change

Knowledge is power and comes about by keeping on top of the latest algorithms. You need to understand keyword strategies and other aspects of maintaining your video channel and other media. And in short, the more followers you have is equal to the value that industry gatekeepers see you as being. And if you, do it right, the more you are a known entity, the more control over all you have when it comes to you as a brand.

The Currency is Still Fame, Popularity and “Box Office Appeal

You can now take into your own hands making a plan for yourself to eventually be perceived as having value from the standpoint of the industry. But like anything else YOU are the person best qualified to make a difference for YOU. You CAN make it happen if you stay focused and motivated plus follow your step-by-step plan. In the end it all comes down to drive, focus and short-term plan. Needless to say, once one plan has reached its goal, it is time for the next one, always being clear on the biggest and ultimate goal result desired. When you reach this final crossroad be sure to congratulate yourself. But since you are clearly motivated if you got this far, do not wait too long to start to to map out the next crossroad destination you want to reach.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

You need to keep your eye on the prize, which initially is to become a well-known and trusted influencer. You must remain focused on the details of your evolving audience and fan base. Do you know the specifics of the kinds of people you want to get to flock to your video channel? Are you clear on who you need to reach? If not, it not really a problem initially. The most important thing you can do to expand your visibility is to DO.

Stop Reading this and START RIGHT NOW

Start NOW. Churn out those videos on a daily basis. Make them over 10 minutes in length because the longer you keep a viewer watching, the more valuable you are perceived as being. And since “Big Tech” knows you retain number via your viewers and fans, when your digits are high enough, they WILL contact you.

Why Viewer Watch Time is Important to Your Growth

To keep people watching your videos all the way through, you need to dangle a carrot to viewers at the start of a video, telling your audience that if they keep watching all the way through, they will get a special prize (or something along those lines). Whatever promise you make to fans at the start of the video, must be enticing enough to let them know why they need to keep their eyes glued to that screen. And you need to reward them with something they will really appreciate receiving.

Can it Really Be as Simple as Just Starting with a Video Channel?

Yes. It can. At least at the time of writing this. So keep those daily videos coming. As you progress, if you have not done so already, develop a variety of other social media accounts. Make certain that your “fans” also use the social media choices you have made. The idea is to use social and your video channel to cultivate followers.

What Does it Take to Become an Influencer?

The influencer phenomenon is a numbers game. The more followers you have the more valuable you are in the eyes of the entertainment industry. Why? Because if you are well known, the expectation of entertainment gatekeepers is that you will bring your fanbase with you to collaborations with them. In their mind this is is connected to their plan of converting your fans into paying customers for themselves and you. It is for this reason that many influencers (and others in the entertainment industry) produce their own content and maintain as much control over the bottom line as possible. Can you do this? Yes, you can.

Your Bottom-Line Reminder

For this to work you must do an outlined and improvised video every day. And please do watch yourself one the screen as you speak. This comes across as if you are looking directly at the viewer that makes them feel more like you are speaking directly to them. As of the date of writing this, the top video viewing site rewards those who make a video a day, and never ever less than every other day. Why is this? Giving you viewers once you have proven you will keep making video, is the platforms way to invest in you and therefore themselves. This is because once your audience is large enough, you can start to monetize your channel by getting a percentage of every video of yours that is played. Again, this how it works as of right now. Big tech platforms are always changing their algorithm to increase profit for themselves. This means what might have worked one day to increase viewership, might now require something else, based on the current algo.