Celebify Your Business

Celebifying Entrepreneurs with a Series of Five Posts each on One of Five Blogs Thanks to the Blog Coalition

A Big Thank You to Celebify for Celebifying

To do their part in helping businesses refresh their enterprises using promotional tools, Celebify is literally helping entrepreneurs to Celebify their companies. Celebify is a proud participant in the Blog Coalition, which is the entity responsible for putting together a series of five posts, each on a different Coalition website.

Process the Data

If you have been following this Blog Coalition series, then you know this is the second post in five, and maybe you even saw the first, the post you are reading is the next phase, which is how you can begin to process data in a new way, that can in turn lead to new opportunities for your business.

Make it Easy for Subscribers

So, to make this work for you, the time is now to take charge of this second step. The first was setting up your email collection process, so your second is of course to put into place a way that visitors to your website have a way that they can use to sign up for your newsletter

Who is Subscribing to Your Newsletter?

First look to see how many emails you have accumulated already. Some might be for friends and family and that is okay, because these individuals can potentially help put together word of mouth.

Consider a Single Page to Send People To

First put up your page to enable people to automatically sign up for your newsletter. One thought on this is to commit to a page’s URL as your main spot for gathering data from people. Why? Because things change and if you are embedding your subscription directly on sites, and then if that campaign changes the address, then you will potentially lose getting subscribers. But if they are being set to a newsletter subscription page on your site, all you have to do is update that one single page and not numerous embeds.

You Have Started the Process to Celebify, and Now for the Third Step

The third and upcoming entry in this series of posts on five blogs to help business owners, is a very important one. Why? Because it gets to the core of your customer model. Keep your eyes peeled to see where the next blog post will be be, thanks to the Blog Coalition.