Do You Really Want to be a Celebrity?

Is Being a Celebrity Useful?

So, you want to become a celebrity in the Pandemic and with a country divided? First off, even though we at Celebify are known to some as having knowledge regarding the steps to take to celebify yourself, we do not recommend becoming famous. Sure, on the outside it seems glamorous and the money can be good but turning yourself into a face that is recognized is fraught with problems and psychological issues. There is a reason that those in the limelight or post visibility, have made accidental and humiliating mistakes, which because of being a known entity, have been amplified and lead to a disastrous private and public life and even suicide.

Know What You Are Getting Into

David Bowie had it right when he sang with Freddie Mercury: “It is the terror of knowing what this world is about, watching some good friends screaming “Let me out!” Pray tomorrow brings me higher.”

Under Pressure

Do you want this kind of pressure? Do you take criticism well? Can you deal with having a lot of people hating your guts for no good reason? Years ago, Madonna was known to have said that she does not read her reviews. These days, with the internet and social media (and everyone having an opinion, justified or not) it is difficult not coming across the folks who think you are ridiculous and want to inflict pain on you.


Rather than analyze why some troubled souls become haters, you need to take a good look in the mirror and take an account of what your life is like now. Who and what are things you currently feel grateful for or even love? Why? Because once you make front page news the haters will never go away for as long as you live.

Are You Sure You Want This?

Of course, we do not mean to rain on your parade. If you really desire to become a celebrity during this period of the Pandemic and a country divided, do what you must. If we cannot talk you out of it, at least build a stable career and not just be a flash in the pan (as seen at the website Create Profitable Marketing).