Celebifying Yourself

Hollywood and the Coronavirus

Peaceful Protesting

Hollywood has already forgotten the Coronavirus and its power to Celebify and has moved on to the looting/protests going on while making sure to make the distinction between those looting and those peacefully protesting.

Reaching the Everyday Person

It’s a gig that Hollywood has taken upon itself ever since Hollywood was Hollywood. Although the official date of Hollywood being established was 1853, the Hollywood sign was not erected until 1923. A strategy that LaLa land has utilized since then has been to pair the so-called excitement of being a star, in conjunction with the empathizing of issues of everyday people.

Empathize and Promote

And in keeping with this tradition, COVID-19 is being traded in for the demonstrations all across America. Stars are coming forward with their “deep feelings” and approval of those peacefully demonstrating to ensure their TV shows are watched and their movies are seen, plus don’t forget Netflix!