Forward Motion

How do You Stay Relevant?

What is popular today, may not be tomorrow.

What Now?

Okay, so you’ve worked hard to position yourself in your market. You have practically the highest visibility in the industry possible. Congratulations. But now the question is:

“How are you going to stay relevant?”

That’s the big question. You may be on the top today, but what about tomorrow? How do some people do it? They seem to be on the top of their game the whole way through? What do they know that we do not?

What is Their Secret?

One thing for certain is that they are motivated. They also have energy. Plus they have their finger on the pulse by always rejecting those around them who are not with times and therefore cannot help them. They affix themselves to whomever is considered “plugged in.” Their socialization is with the powerbrokers and the flavor of the month. When the flavor is up, they ditch them and move on to the next.