How to Celebify Yourself

Celebifying yourself is not about putting on a costume.

If you truly want to celebify yourself and become famous, here is a tidbit from Mr. Disney that could help:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

In short, as we have discussed before on these pages, it really comes down to how motivated you are. Are you someone who does less talk and a lot more action? Even being this is no guarantee that you will make any headway with the pursuit of your dreams.

It’s Not Enough

Becoming famous does not just mean you want to be an actor. You could want to be a politician or a chef and so on. For all of these multiple categories of celebifying yourself, again and again it comes down to how badly you want it. Just following the path of getting training, going on auditions (and the related) is not enough.

“No” is Not an Option

Quite frankly, talent can have not much meaning when it comes to successfully celebifying yourself. Think of all the celebrities who don’t seem to have much going for them other than the fact that they are well known. These individuals are very driven and will NOT take “no” for an answer no matter what circumstance.

Throw it Out of the Window

All decorum is thrown out of the window in many cases. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to schmooze, but just being polite is not going to get you anywhere.

Change Your Approach Based on Results

And you need to have a strategy. But if that strategy is not bearing you results then CHANGE IT UP. Don’t get caught in the web of thinking that by using the same methodology again and again, you are going to get a different results. Organizations like DIYdigi can give you a “Do It Yourself Digital” path to take. But building a better web presence is not enough. In the end, listen to Walt.