Celebifying Yourself

How to Get Famous Online

Say goodbye to having to live in Hollywood or NYC. And say hello to getting famous online no matter where you reside!

You, an Expert?

It used to be that you had to move to Hollywood or New York to become famous but now you can easily get famous online (if that’s what you want). There are so many great methods of getting famous online it is hard to know where to start. You can get famous for having a unique solution to a problem, meaning that you’ve carved out for yourself a path that shows you are an expert in your field. Or you can become famous like BigFoot Zombie and his friends. Or you can become well known and write songs like “Captain Jack“,

Sometimes You Have to Go to the Edge

Don’t want to be an expert? There’s always the option of auditioning for a reality show. Many people have become famous this way and the bar to entry is quite low. So, if you have an outrageous personality and are willing to go to the edge for some screen time, this could be for you.

Helping can Help

If you happen to be rich, a terrific option is to be generous in a unique way that helps others. Just don’t forget to be certain that you contact the media so they spread the word for you and provide you with the road to philanthropic stardom. You’ll need to be able to keep coming up with ways to get noticed in order to hold onto this notoriety. But hey, you’ve got lots of dough, so who cares!

Viral Videos

Good at using your mobile phone to take selfies? Then there’s always the viral video route. Although there is no exact science to creating a viral video, if you do a lot of videos that have viral potential you could find yourself all over the net!

Social Media can be Key

Getting famous on Instagram isn’t easy, but if you love your social media, leveraging this passion could be the pathway you’ve been searching for. You just need to post and post and post images and text content and do so in an ultra niche way so you become known for a single category.

Become the Go-To Gal or Guy

The reason for going niche is because over time you are more likely to become known for being a very specific kind of person, than if you are too general. Your audience are the folks who are interested in that niche and you can become their source of knowledge and entertainment.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself as you began to plan your ascent to super stardom on the web. (1) What are you passionate about? (2) What are you knowledgeable about? (3) What are your skills? and finally (4) What unique thing do YOU bring to the table?

Follow Your Passion

For example you could find humor comes to you easily. Capitalize on that. You don’t want to make it too difficult for yourself, though simultaneously you are going to have to work hard. For this reason you want to be passionate about the talent you become known for.

Do You have Special Knowledge?

Got some skills? Get them out there to people who want to learn those skills. You can position yourself as an expert. This also goes for knowledge, which if you posses a certain kind of knowledge that is sought out by people, you can emphasize that as well.

Don’t be Afraid to be Unique

The truth is you need to be unique in some way to stick in people’s heads and lead to them becoming your fan.

Use Your Knowledge

Do you have a lot of knowledge and skills you can harness this to help in your rise to becoming well known. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur comedian or an enterprising beauty artist, there is a spot for you!

Find Your Spot

One of the easiest ways to get famous fast is on YouTube if you are willing to do a new video on yourself and your topic EVERY DAY! You want to keep the editing quick and exciting because if you are boring, people they will not become your fan.

Make Your Videos Interesting

Each video should be anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes or more. Though, the action needs to be captivating to your market which means compelling visuals and other things that catch the eye. If they abandon your video YouTube will be unhappy and not give you that extra push that can be earned with compelling content.

No Need to be a Starving Artist

And you don’t have to starve while you rise to the top because along the way you, as a creator, can receive sponsorship opportunities, advertising revenue, and a high profile. The catch 22 is that this is all based on how popular you are. Put out a new video every day and you will get there.

Maybe You already have Something of Interest to Sell

In fact, you could even be using your daily YouTube Channel as a way to spotlight something your are selling. And if you are an expert on the thing that you are selling, all the better!

You Don’t have to Appear on Camera to Get Famous

But if you don’t dig being on camera, you could also become a blogger. This means that you use the written word to create interest. This doesn’t negate being a vlogger though, because you can be a vlogger whose is never seen on camera and who does voice overs on video instead. Or it is even possible, though a big harder, to do videos without voice overs and using text and graphics instead. If you choose to do this, make sure to make your brand visible and have content folks want such as tutorials.

Know Your Audience. Did We Mention “Know Your Audience?”

Bottom line, the way to be successful is to know who your audience is and cater toward them. Or maybe you’ll start out knowing who you think your audience is but discover from comments on your channel that the group you appeal to is different than what you originally thought. Be able to pivot and learn from all the new insights you get along the way, ultimately integrating them. Billy Joel certainly did, when he switched it up going from playing in bands to going solo.