John Yianni Stamas Asks “What Would YOU Do Under the Spotlight?”

The Dream
Many dream of it. Few achieve it. We’re talking about celebrity: the ability to celebify yourself. We’re in a strange time due to coronavirus and it has greatly impacted in a negative way the entertainment industry.

The Dream Machines have Shut Down
Films and television creators have shut down their operations. Several others from related categories have closed their doors also. So how is one able to open the door? Some pass through the gateway using agencies like “USA How To” to get where they want to go. Others just wait. It’s action versus inaction.

The Roadblock
The big roadblock that exists is the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Websites are sprouting up all over the place, like Coronavirus After that is a brand new blog. Or even Manhattan Coronavirus that is a part of the Blog Coalition of over 47 websites/blogs that are unified in wanting to make a difference. Do you still want to celebify yourself?