Justin A.G. is a Music Phenomenon

There’s no escaping Justin A.G.’s powerful talent as a singer and songwriter

Four Incredible Albums

Justin A.G. is the amazing singer/songwriter and entertainment professor. He has proven himself as an artist with 4 incredible albums which include “Life Goes On,” “Here’s to You, Here’s to Me,”No Escape” and “Hear the Rock…Feel the Roll.”

Following His Passion

Justin A.G. is also known as his alter ego which is that of Justin Giordano who is an entertainment professor. has taken an interest in him because he is an example of a man of education who practices what he preaches artistically. Even with his high workload as a professor, Justin has been able to manage a second career as a musician, both performing gigs and creating albums. This is his passion.

New Website

We are also celebrating Justin’s new website at At the time of this report Justin A.G.’s new site is in its infancy, but we are certain it will continue to grow¬† just as Justin is evolving as an artist.