Introduction to How to Become YouTube Famous and Make Money Doing It

A New eBook will Soon be Released

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to our latest eBook currently being worked on which is entitled “How to Become YouTube Famous and Make Money Doing it.” It has not been determined yet when this eBook will be released, but the excerpt below will give you a good idea of what the eBook will be all about.

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Follow Your Passion and Become a Successful YouTuber

Your passion might be to become a musician, magician, actor, fine art creator, dancer, filmmaker or many more. Of course, you can become famous online just for being a YouTuber but if you are aligned with a profession or have a business you love you are more likely to do the work necessary to become famous online.

No Fluff, All Details

This eBook was intentionally made to be just a little over 7,000 words. Why? Because we have cut to the quick and have narrowed down the things that you need to learn in order to become a YouTuber who is famous while making money at the same time. We don’t bog you down with a lot of unnecessary fluff.

Learn Techniques Used by Top YouTubers

It is important to realize that not everyone taking this course is going to be able to become a YouTuber and make a living doing it. So, we can’t guarantee the results that you will have. But what we can say is that we will teach you the principles and tools that have led to the peak of achievement for many YouTubers.

Don’t Give Up

Therefore, if you are willing to put in the time needed and don’t give up because of setbacks, this dream could be yours. “How to Become YouTube Famous & Make Money Doing It” involves a step by step approach that top YouTubers have used to become insanely successful, making enough money from YouTubing to become their fulltime job. All it takes is consistency and drive with a whole lot of passion.

Establish Yourself as a Well Known YouTuber

You can establish yourself as a well-known YouTuber with a ton of viewers and fans with a process that many YouTubers don’t want you to know for fear of competition. But it is all revealed here in great detail taking you through the ropes so you can easily learn “How to Become YouTube Famous & Make Money Doing It.” This could be the information that changes your life forever.

It’s a Process

But again, there is no way to guarantee that you will “Become Famous Online.” It’s a process and we are going to lay out for you, techniques that have led to results in the careers of some of the most successful YouTubers. Select which idea or ideas make the most sense to you. Then work it. Because as the saying goes “It works if you work it!”

Sticking To it is What Influencers Do

Sometimes it seems like certain people are just lucky online and this is why they have large viewership of their websites and social media including YouTube and more. Most of the time these successes are not all about luck but rather the outcome of pushing through the hard times and just staying with it.

A Powerful Step By Step Method is the Secret

There is a very powerful method that if you do it you are much more likely to become famous online. What is this system? It’s coming soon in the new eBook entitled “How to Become YouTube Famous and Make Money Doing It.” And remember if you want to know when the eBook comes out and where you can get it, subscribe to the free USAcreate newsletter.

How to Get Famous Online

Say goodbye to having to live in Hollywood or NYC. And say hello to getting famous online no matter where you reside!

You, an Expert?

It used to be that you had to move to Hollywood or New York to become famous but now you can easily get famous online (if that’s what you want). There are so many great methods of getting famous online it is hard to know where to start. You can get famous for having a unique solution to a problem, meaning that you’ve carved out for yourself a path that shows you are an expert in your field. Or you can become famous like BigFoot Zombie and his friends. Or you can become well known and write songs like “Captain Jack“,

Sometimes You Have to Go to the Edge

Don’t want to be an expert? There’s always the option of auditioning for a reality show. Many people have become famous this way and the bar to entry is quite low. So, if you have an outrageous personality and are willing to go to the edge for some screen time, this could be for you.

Helping can Help

If you happen to be rich, a terrific option is to be generous in a unique way that helps others. Just don’t forget to be certain that you contact the media so they spread the word for you and provide you with the road to philanthropic stardom. You’ll need to be able to keep coming up with ways to get noticed in order to hold onto this notoriety. But hey, you’ve got lots of dough, so who cares!

Viral Videos

Good at using your mobile phone to take selfies? Then there’s always the viral video route. Although there is no exact science to creating a viral video, if you do a lot of videos that have viral potential you could find yourself all over the net!

Social Media can be Key

Getting famous on Instagram isn’t easy, but if you love your social media, leveraging this passion could be the pathway you’ve been searching for. You just need to post and post and post images and text content and do so in an ultra niche way so you become known for a single category.

Become the Go-To Gal or Guy

The reason for going niche is because over time you are more likely to become known for being a very specific kind of person, than if you are too general. Your audience are the folks who are interested in that niche and you can become their source of knowledge and entertainment.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are some questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself as you began to plan your ascent to super stardom on the web. (1) What are you passionate about? (2) What are you knowledgeable about? (3) What are your skills? and finally (4) What unique thing do YOU bring to the table?

Follow Your Passion

For example you could find humor comes to you easily. Capitalize on that. You don’t want to make it too difficult for yourself, though simultaneously you are going to have to work hard. For this reason you want to be passionate about the talent you become known for.

Do You have Special Knowledge?

Got some skills? Get them out there to people who want to learn those skills. You can position yourself as an expert. This also goes for knowledge, which if you posses a certain kind of knowledge that is sought out by people, you can emphasize that as well.

Don’t be Afraid to be Unique

The truth is you need to be unique in some way to stick in people’s heads and lead to them becoming your fan.

Use Your Knowledge

Do you have a lot of knowledge and skills you can harness this to help in your rise to becoming well known. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur comedian or an enterprising beauty artist, there is a spot for you!

Find Your Spot

One of the easiest ways to get famous fast is on YouTube if you are willing to do a new video on yourself and your topic EVERY DAY! You want to keep the editing quick and exciting because if you are boring, people they will not become your fan.

Make Your Videos Interesting

Each video should be anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes or more. Though, the action needs to be captivating to your market which means compelling visuals and other things that catch the eye. If they abandon your video YouTube will be unhappy and not give you that extra push that can be earned with compelling content.

No Need to be a Starving Artist

And you don’t have to starve while you rise to the top because along the way you, as a creator, can receive sponsorship opportunities, advertising revenue, and a high profile. The catch 22 is that this is all based on how popular you are. Put out a new video every day and you will get there.

Maybe You already have Something of Interest to Sell

In fact, you could even be using your daily YouTube Channel as a way to spotlight something your are selling. And if you are an expert on the thing that you are selling, all the better!

You Don’t have to Appear on Camera to Get Famous

But if you don’t dig being on camera, you could also become a blogger. This means that you use the written word to create interest. This doesn’t negate being a vlogger though, because you can be a vlogger whose is never seen on camera and who does voice overs on video instead. Or it is even possible, though a big harder, to do videos without voice overs and using text and graphics instead. If you choose to do this, make sure to make your brand visible and have content folks want such as tutorials.

Know Your Audience. Did We Mention “Know Your Audience?”

Bottom line, the way to be successful is to know who your audience is and cater toward them. Or maybe you’ll start out knowing who you think your audience is but discover from comments on your channel that the group you appeal to is different than what you originally thought. Be able to pivot and learn from all the new insights you get along the way, ultimately integrating them. Billy Joel certainly did, when he switched it up going from playing in bands to going solo.

Why Are Entities like BigFoot Zombie So Darn Popular?

Even though the “Jersey Devil” is the BFF of BFZ, because his wings were too large to fit through the door of the pad where BigFoot Zombie was hosting his shindig, he wasn’t on the guest list!

A Question that Should and IS Being Asked

By this time you’ve heard all about it. The creature in the Bronx. The dinner in the AM. And the truths that have been discovered regarding some of America’s and beyond most famous beings. But folks, here’s the real question “Why are entities like BigFoot Zombie so darn popular?”

Do Monsters Have Representation?

At Celebify we are experts on how some people are able to celebify themselves. But what if we’re not talking about human beings but rather the Loch Ness Monster or even BigFoot Zombie? Do they have press agents? Is that how they stay in the public’s eye?

Answering the Tough Questions

The answer to this question is that we believe they are in a special category. Not only because they’re not human, but also due to the fact that we consider them to be viral. Just like viral videos become popular because there is there is the desire to share it.

What Were Your “Born In?”

Folklore and legend are the early tools of viral information. The passing down of stories in a special way. Why do these particular stories seem to have such long “leggs?” Some say it is because they are born in truth.

A Miscalculation?

For example, a “dragon” could be a reptile of some sort seen. Or in the case of the most famous of them all: BigFoot Zombie who got so tired of the misinformation being passed around that he went to the Bronx and invited random folks on the street to dinner. The only thing was that it was the morning. This may have been a miscalculation on the part of BigFoot Zombie if he was trying to prove he was real not only to others but to himself.

Are Your Good at Celebifying Yourself?

At Celebify, even though we are experts of the art of being able to Celebify, we know we can always learn a thing or two, especially from those who are very good at celebifying themselves such as BigFoot Zombie.

Wants to Be Remembered

BFZ told us that the reason he invited folks in the Bronx to have dinner with him in the morning, was because he wanted to be sure to be memorable and thought that by having people over for what is normally done in the night but is now served in the morning that he would stick in their thoughts.

A Fave of the “Blogger Coalition”

And there must be something to his logic because this incident got picked up by the “Blogger Coalition” that represents over 35 blogs!

How did Jennifer Lopez Celebify Herself?

Getting the Big Break on the Path of Celebifying

Jennifer Lopez’s first big break came in 1997, when she landed the title role in Selena. Her desire to celebify herself paid of with this biography movie about a pop singer for which Lopez received a Golden Globe nomination. She had come a long way from her Bronx beginnings and was well on her way to celebifying herself and Hollywood was a far cry from the Bronx, NY which is where she was born and grew up.

Being an Artist 360

Jennifer Lopez’ celebify pursuit even took her into the music realm achieving notice for singing a song with Ricky Martin. Years later her album J. Lo hit number one. Her DigiComArts process was paying off!

Power Couple Relationships

Lopez has also had power couple relationships. A good recipe if one is celebifying themselves. She had relationships with Ben Affleck, Sean Puffy Combs and others. Jennifer Lopez married singer Marc Anthony in 2004 at a private ceremony at her Los Angeles mansion. Lopez gave birth to twins in 2008, a baby boy and girl. After her break up with Mark Anthony Lopez showed she was a person of substance and not just relying on the glitz of her celebify process. In an interview with Vanity Fair, no reason was given for the breakup with Anthony but she said “I loved myself enough to walk away.”

Is This True Love?

People magazine reported that she began dating former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. They affirmed that they knew each other in ways that others never had which may mean Lopez spoke with Rodriguez about her early years in the Bronx.

Celebify Person of Substance

In early 2019 Lopez took her DigiComArts process to the next level and was involved with a tribute to Motown for the Grammy Awards. Finding out from someone who had been at that Grammy’s in person, J-Lo gave the performance of a lifetime. Although she followed her celebify calling she has shown she is grounded too.

Justin A.G. is a Music Phenomenon

There’s no escaping Justin A.G.’s powerful talent as a singer and songwriter

Four Incredible Albums

Justin A.G. is the amazing singer/songwriter and entertainment professor. He has proven himself as an artist with 4 incredible albums which include “Life Goes On,” “Here’s to You, Here’s to Me,”No Escape” and “Hear the Rock…Feel the Roll.”

Following His Passion

Justin A.G. is also known as his alter ego which is that of Justin Giordano who is an entertainment professor. has taken an interest in him because he is an example of a man of education who practices what he preaches artistically. Even with his high workload as a professor, Justin has been able to manage a second career as a musician, both performing gigs and creating albums. This is his passion.

New Website

We are also celebrating Justin’s new website at At the time of this report Justin A.G.’s new site is in its infancy, but we are certain it will continue to grow  just as Justin is evolving as an artist.

The Dark Side of Celebifying Yourself

No Symbols of Hope Allowed

Sorry folks there’s no dove of peace here. Today we’re going to explore the dark side of celebifying yourself. Before we get into the downside of increasing your visibility, let’s talk about how things have changed technologically.

The Transformation to the Digital World

The very young didn’t experience the changeover to digital. Those of us who are older, did. And look at what has happened. Most of us are carrying mobile phones and some of us are big users of all that social media has to offer.

Point and Shoot…Yourself

An important component of why people go social is because of the selfie. Due to the fact that selfies exist and are easy to create, many individuals are being sucked into the vortex of celebify. In this instance to celebify one’s self.

Two Tales, How do They Differ?

And then there’s the story which that person develops  and puts out there all that they are. Living the dream, or at least wanting it to be perceived that way. The social media story versus the real story.

Now the Next Step

One can only guess about the reality of a self aggrandizing individual. But many of them could be on their way for an uncomfortable experience to say the least.

The Rise of the Monster in Human Form

We’re talking about cyber stalkers. Who knows what motivates them. Often, they themselves don’t even know why they are driven to do what they do to others. The goals is to humiliate and terrorize the individual. The more celebified you become, the more you become a target. This is the dark side. Are you celebifying yourself? Are you ready for what comes with it?

John Yianni Stamas’ Kaleidoscopic Bio

On the blog, the word “Kaleidoscopic” was used to describe John Yianni Stamas’ long and varied arts and entertainment career. For whatever reason, this ruffled some feathers at Get’s side of the story below.

A Controversial Word is Used

The word we used to describe John Yianni Stamas’ eclectic career as an ArtisticPreneur was “Kaleidoscopic.” You can see Stamas’ bio here at that includes a mention of the incident of us using the term Kaleidoscopic.  As of the time of us writing of this blog entry,  is a website that is still very much in its infancy with very little content there yet. Maybe why reacted so negatively to the use of the term Kaleidoscopic. Perhaps they want us to wait until the site is full built for us to give our feedback. Shoots Back let us know on no uncertain terms that what we wrote in the now deleted posted in which we described John’s career being called Kaleidoscopic, was not a good move from their point of view.

A Debate Launches

An unexpected debate was launched with participants including ArtisticPreneur collective members and even some of the fans. It was generally agreed upon by both groups that because J.Y.S.’s bio was nearly 2,000 words long that an apt description would be that John’s career was “Extensive.”

Virtually no one seemed to think that calling it Kaleidoscopic made any sense at all. Sorry guys if we offended anyone, it’s just that we thought that Kaleidoscopic  was a word that could be interchangeable with “Multifacted.” And we think that most would agree that John’s background is multifaceted. Answers the Question: What is an ArtisticPreneur and How Does it make a Difference in both Your Community and YOUR Career or Business?

Are you an artist of any kind or a creative business owner? Do your goals sometimes seem unreachable or “Sky High?” Have you considered joining the ArtisticPreneurs Club? If so you will likely be interested in reading this blog post in which we interview an aspiring ArtisticPreneur.

The Talk of the Town (Online that is)

Here’s a statement we found online regarding the collective of artists known as ArtisticPreneurs:

“ is a collective of artists and creative business owners who impact their communities in positive ways. A lot of folks just like you are discovering the ArtisticPreneur website and are deciding to become members of the ArtisticPreneurs Club due to the resulting benefits to you which include you having more confidence to pursue your ARTISTIC and entrePRENEUR goals (hence ARTISTICPRENEUR) that you used to only dream of but now are doing so due to you having access to free or low cost positive community building tools which simultaneously assist you in making a difference in your community both locally and around the world.”

Seeking the Trainers but Having to Make Due with a Student

So we went to the ArtisticPreneur pros located at, where else, We didn’t hear back from them soon enough for this post’s deadline therefore we had to improvise a little bit and contacted a friend of whose name has been withheld by this person’s request. When we asked this person why they wanted to withhold their name, they said because the folks at might get angry at them for revealing trade secrets.

State of Being: ArtisticPreneur

The desire for secrecy of course only increased our curiousity in regards to the top secret transformational process of going from being an artist of any kind or a small business owner to becoming a full fledged ArtisticPreneur. From this point on we will refer to our interviewee as “Sam,” because that can be either a woman or man’s name. We asked Sam to describe what being an ArtisticPreneur means exactly.

Sam answered with:

“A quick definition of “ArtisticPreneur” is that it can be a lot like you, that is if you’re the kind person who combines your ARTISTIC side with your entrePRENUR side hence you are an ARTISTICPRENEUR.”

The Top 10?

Is that all there is to it we wondered. Sam said no, of course not, there are many aspects to being an ArtisticPreneur including learning how to work the 10 Digital Marketing Tools. Oh no we said, you can stop right there. So this is going to be some kind of sales pitch for acquiring from some kind of Digital Marketing kit? But Sam, in a very serious fashion, gave us the head turning back and forth meaning “No.”

You Have a Choice

Sam went on to explain that one always had the option to have their digital tools custom made by ArtisticPreneur but it was by no means the aim of their program. Sam told us that actually encouraged members to make their own set of Digital Marketing Tools because therefore they would be able to do all the monthly updates themselves such as adding content to their websites.

Is it a Cult?

The main thing we got out of Sam which only intrigued us more was the it wasn’t about the Digital Marketing Tools but rather what you did with them and your psychological state of mind. You had to rid yourself of self doubt or at least get it somewhat under control. Again we took a step back asking if this was like one of these cults disguised as a self help process where ultimately what they were trying to do was to get you to constantly purchase upgrades to become “all seeing” or something?

Meeting Your Expectations

At this point Sam laughed and gave us an example of something that had worked for her/him. Sam told us that the way ArtisticPreneurship works is that you do monthly campaigns. Each campaign has a goal. The way you measure the effectiveness of a particular campaign is by how closely it meets expectations.

Sam Talks About Goal Setting

“But of course…” Sam told us “You have to be careful with your goal seeking and set goals that are actually attainable. In other words you don’t have to knock yourself out. Because the beauty of it is that a series of small goals piling up on each other each and every month can result in a big win.”

Sam’s Big Win

Sam’s most recent big win was starting to get sales of her/his digital media download products. Sam told us that at first no one was biting. Therefore Sam figured out that the description of the product was probably not focused enough for her/his audience. Therefore Sam put herself/himself into the head of the customer, client and fan exploring what her/his her problem was and how Sam’s product might solve it. Sam said that the exercise lead to making sales online.

The Deadline Cut Things Short

Unfortunately we had to cut things short with Sam because our blog posting deadline was going to occur in less than 10 minutes, so we did our best to spell check and uploaded the post that you’re reading right now. We thanked Sam and she/he walked off into the distance. What had we learned from the mysterious Sam? That maybe was on to something. Something that we all know to be true but rarely practice it. Something that getting on the track to becoming an ArtisticPreneur can help guide you with: a series of little wins can result in a big win!

Did You Know You Can Get No Cost Blog Publicity?

Get No Cost Blog Publicity
This is a free opportunity to build your online presence as an expert in your field, as it relates to being an ArtisticPreneur!

The following information was given to us by our friends over at

How Do I Get No Cost Blog Publicity?

No cost blog publicity is something that can be available to you if you have a securely hosted (SSL) blog or website as well as are an expert of some kind whose knowledge would be of interest to an ArtisticPreneur audience consisting of small business owners and artists of all kinds.

If I Get the Thumbs Up, Where Will I Appear as a Guest Blogger or Person Interviewed?

Your guest blogging opportunity or interview would be in one of our client or project blogs. If accepted, we will select a blog for you that is relevant to the subject matter you are discussing.

How do I Submit My Proposal to You?

The best way to get the ball rolling is to email to us your proposal that includes the topic you want to cover as well as why you are uniquely qualified to talk about this area. Please also include a breakdown of some of the bullet points you’d cover.

We will generally get back to you with our decision within 24 to 48 hours, except for weekends. To get in contact with us please go here.

How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps

How to Celebify Yourself
If you are very shy and yet still want to Celebify yourself, don’t worry about the pressure of walking the Red Carpet. The Celebify Methods disclosed in this blog entry make the Red Carpet optional. And you can even do the whole ” becoming renowned as well regularly receiving approbation” thing part time while working from home.

You Don’t Want to Be This

If you’re pursuing a creative path and are not an ArtisticPreneur, you will not survive in the modern age. Remember, one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Today can be the day that you leave all that behind and become a doer who always utilizes the most recent strategies when it comes to digital marketing success. Our friends at ArtisticPreneur are doing a great job of helping ArtisticPreneurs promote themselves as seen here. Now here are other ways to celebify yourself!

Fun Times on Your Way to the Top

If you’re an ArtisticPreneur and in the market to become famous, you might find this blog entry interesting. As usual, we warn you that you becoming well known is something that you do at your own risk. We’re not responsible if you make the big time and then have the revelation that your life before endless kudos was much more simple and enjoyable etc. etc.

But given all that, we here at decided to open ourselves up to others to figure out the most effective way to get the paparazzi to stalk you, the ArtisticPreneur, and make your life miserable (as per the paparazzi’s job description). Our concept, given the name of this post, was to show you how to celebify yourself in just a few easy steps. We must put credit where credit is due. And although they formerly do not exist yet, is a force we collaborate with. Celebify yourself with! And we mean that literally. If ever there was a company that had the ability to celebify you it is because the art of promotion is their calling.

Do WikiHow Sub Steps Count as Steps?

One of the first systems to get your ArtisticPreneur image onto a cereal box (and all that goes with it) was from our friends at WikiHow. Although their visibility increasing technique was ultimately 12 steps in all (which is pretty long), to simplify the ascent process for the average person to “make it” (quickly and without losing too much sleep), was to break the steps down into substeps.

And these substeps are only a few steps in length. With the WikiHow Method there are three distinct phases to a life where you’d better always be dressed well, plus be in makeup, because someone could snap a picture of you looking disheveled and end up on the front page of a magazine.

Here are the three overall steps of the WikiHow methodology First you become famous. Second you maintain your fame. And finally third you use your fame for the good of the world.

Needless to say you can do good things for the world without being a celebrity, but if you’re like a lot of people you might enjoy having the cameras on you as you “selflessly” give of yourself. It’s really up to you.

Below is a paragraph from the WikiHow article that we found to be a little off putting. They actually use the following phrase in regards gaining a life under the spotlight: “It won’t happen overnight.” What the heck? It won’t happen overnight?! Really? We don’t know about you but as ArtisticPreneurs ourselves we find that very demotivating, especially if you want adoration from the public in a heartbeat. Here’s the paragraph:

“These days, it is a lot easier to become a celebrity. Social media makes it easier and faster to connect with large groups of people. Getting to celebrity status, however, takes time and commitment. It won’t happen overnight, but there are few ways to make it more likely to happen.”

Can Quora in a Flash Get You the Limelight You Deserve?!

We’re kind of bummed by the notion that receiving acclaim might not be lickety split. Therefore we headed over to Quora. You know Quora. It’s the site for which “expert” ArtisticPreneurs answer questions. Someone had posted the inquiry: “How does one become a celebrity?”

The first answer to the question of how to climb your way to the top was:

“You gotta have very monies for this one.”

We gotta have “very monies?” That’s a downer. We don’t want to spend our “very monies” to attain stardom.

Okay so that wasn’t satisfactory. Let’s move onto the next Quora answer. Oops, just looked at it and didn’t approve of it. It was 8 steps long and sounded awfully complicated. No quick fix as an ArtisticPreneur to getting your laurels here. Therefore we’re just going to put up the first 3 steps so that you’ll get the basic idea:

1. Increase your network. Make as many friends as possible, use social media, throw parties, join a club etc.

2. On a prearranged  day, ask them to gather at one point (try to reach 1000+ numbers) and march through the streets of your city with an agenda (legalize marijuana as example). Grab some media attention by using some harsh words against anything or anyone (it does not matter).

3. Once you have a little attention from local people go for a second rally this time a little bigger (3000+ people).

Uh, what?! First it’s “very monies” and then it’s rallies?! As ArtisticPreneurs ourselves, we’re looking for instant elevation here people. None of this rigmarole.

Is “Skinny Artist” Coming to the Rescue with a Technique to Effortlessly Gain Prominence?

Oooh. Me likey. Me likey. Me just saw what has to offer. It’s called “The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming Famous with Minimal Effort.” And it’s only three steps long! We can handle that. We’re only going to give you the first two steps here so if you want to read the whole thing you’ll have to go to the Skinny Artist website.

Here are the first two of three steps:

The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming Famous with Minimal Effort

Step 1.) Do something incredibly stupid and obnoxious to attract attention to yourself

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box here. This can be in the form of a video, stunt, hoax, or just good old-fashioned vandalism. Keep in mind that as a culture we have become somewhat desensitized to people doing stupid things from years of watching people do stupid things, so try to think big.

Step 2.) Be sure to record your act of stupidity and publish it on YouTube.

Remember that recording and documenting your act of idiocy is not optional here. These days if you don’t capture something on video, you might as well go back to live in your primitive cave of obscurity.

Okay, so those are the first two steps to garnering your much desired eminence as an ArtisticPreneur!

In Conclusion

Now that we’ve found for you, your easy peasy Skinny Artist path to glory and exaltation in less than four steps, we could end here and say that we’ve kept our promise to live up to the name of this blog entry which is: “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps.”

But we know better than that. There will inevitably be some of you who are not going to be comfortable with the antics necessary to pull off the Skinny Artist’s plan for immortality. We also anticipate that certain members of our Celebify audience will be worried that the Skinny Artist approach may make you the “wrong kind of popular.” You might just become prominent for being notorious, rather than becoming illustrious with majesty.

But ladies and gentlemen, that is a discussion for another time where instead of having the title of “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps” we might call the new pursuit something along the lines of “How to Celebify Yourself in Just a Few Easy Steps and Still Be on the Radar for an Oscar or at least a Platinum PIA!”

Sayonara and best wishes for getting your recognition!