The Dark Side of Celebifying Yourself

No Symbols of Hope Allowed

Sorry folks there’s no dove of peace here. Today we’re going to explore the dark side of celebifying yourself. Before we get into the downside of increasing your visibility, let’s talk about how things have changed technologically.

The Transformation to the Digital World

The very young didn’t experience the changeover to digital. Those of us who are older, did. And look at what has happened. Most of us are carrying mobile phones and some of us are big users of all that social media has to offer.

Point and Shoot…Yourself

An important component of why people go social is because of the selfie. Due to the fact that selfies exist and are easy to create, many individuals are being sucked into the vortex of celebify. In this instance to celebify one’s self.

Two Tales, How do They Differ?

And then there’s the story which that person developsĀ  and puts out there all that they are. Living the dream, or at least wanting it to be perceived that way. The social media story versus the real story.

Now the Next Step

One can only guess about the reality of a self aggrandizing individual. But many of them could be on their way for an uncomfortable experience to say the least.

The Rise of the Monster in Human Form

We’re talking about cyber stalkers. Who knows what motivates them. Often, they themselves don’t even know why they are driven to do what they do to others. The goals is to humiliate and terrorize the individual. The more celebified you become, the more you become a target. This is the dark side. Are you celebifying yourself? Are you ready for what comes with it?