Celebify Your Business

The New Celebify Influencers

The Allure of Fame

It’s a whole new world out there. The rules have changed. Now just about anyone can become famous via YouTube by merely being consistent  in their updating, creating at least one new video per day. But what does someone do once they are well known?

Role Model?

If you become YouTube famous this means that you are a new Celebify Influencer and with this comes certain responsibilities. You should aspire to be a role model. America needs more role models and you can be it. We live in a country that often times becomes a bit out of control.

Be Careful

What if you don’t want to be a role model? What if your schtick is being a “disrupter?” Well then, good luck to you. You won’t be protected for long. Soon the USA will tire of your approach and the next disrupter will appear to take your place leaving you destitute and unhappy. And if you don’t oft yourself which might give you some street cred, you’ll just become sadly not relevant. You see, being a new Celebify influencer can only last a certain amount of time. So be careful if your thing is to be a new Celebify influencer.