Celebifying Yourself

Why Are Entities like BigFoot Zombie So Darn Popular?

Even though the “Jersey Devil” is the BFF of BFZ, because his wings were too large to fit through the door of the pad where BigFoot Zombie was hosting his shindig, he wasn’t on the guest list!

A Question that Should and IS Being Asked

By this time you’ve heard all about it. The creature in the Bronx. The dinner in the AM. And the truths that have been discovered regarding some of America’s and beyond most famous beings. But folks, here’s the real question “Why are entities like BigFoot Zombie so darn popular?”

Do Monsters Have Representation?

At Celebify we are experts on how some people are able to celebify themselves. But what if we’re not talking about human beings but rather the Loch Ness Monster or even BigFoot Zombie? Do they have press agents? Is that how they stay in the public’s eye?

Answering the Tough Questions

The answer to this question is that we believe they are in a special category. Not only because they’re not human, but also due to the fact that we consider them to be viral. Just like viral videos become popular because there is there is the desire to share it.

What Were Your “Born In?”

Folklore and legend are the early tools of viral information. The passing down of stories in a special way. Why do these particular stories seem to have such long “leggs?” Some say it is because they are born in truth.

A Miscalculation?

For example, a “dragon” could be a reptile of some sort seen. Or in the case of the most famous of them all: BigFoot Zombie who got so tired of the misinformation being passed around that he went to the Bronx and invited random folks on the street to dinner. The only thing was that it was the morning. This may have been a miscalculation on the part of BigFoot Zombie if he was trying to prove he was real not only to others but to himself.

Are Your Good at Celebifying Yourself?

At Celebify, even though we are experts of the art of being able to Celebify, we know we can always learn a thing or two, especially from those who are very good at celebifying themselves such as BigFoot Zombie.

Wants to Be Remembered

BFZ told us that the reason he invited folks in the Bronx to have dinner with him in the morning, was because he wanted to be sure to be memorable and thought that by having people over for what is normally done in the night but is now served in the morning that he would stick in their thoughts.

A Fave of the “Blogger Coalition”

And there must be something to his logic because this incident got picked up by the “Blogger Coalition” that represents over 35 blogs!