Why Celebify Yourself?

Seeking Love

For different people there are different reasons. Why celebify yourself? For many being famous is an obsession. In my younger years I was caught up in that mania. You see, for me, being well known translated into being accepted. Even being loved.

Becoming Evolved

I came out of a home situation growing up being told again and again that my performance instincts were not valid. I was told that it was a pathetic to attempt to become successful because this just meant you were not evolved enough.

Stopping the Negative Programming

When I moved to Hollyweird, presumably to become an icon, I tried to shut out the negativity in my brain telling me over and over again that I was useless. That I should accept my fate which was to be a pathetic loser. And that is why I went on the path to celebify myself. I wanted to make the negative programing stop.

Being Saved

And at one point in Hollyweird I got some street cred and had a lot of people very impressed by me and what looked to be my bright an exciting future. Little did they realize, I was homeless and sleeping in a carport shed. Wanting to celebify myself, is what turned out to save me in the end.